Appearance matters

RSBDF is engaged in working with disadvantaged young people. We are currently involved in a LLP- Leonardo da Vinci Multilateral Projects for Development of Innovation project with the title ;

Appearance Matters – optimising the outcomes for  vocational guidance counselling and vocational training

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Project number527463-LLP-2012-UK-LEONARDO-LMP


Psychosocial health and wellbeing are critical to fostering students’ ability and motivation to learn and perform well at school. In particular, poor body image and appearance concerns are an important aspect of child and adolescent psychosocial health and development. It is estimated that between 50-70% of adolescent boys and girls in Western societies are dissatisfied with some aspect of their appearance.

Poor body image and appearance-related discrimination is a significant concern for the education and public health sectors as they both have been associated with poor school performance and psychological and physical health problems including eating disorders, drug and alcohol use, suicidal ideation, low selfesteemand depression. Moreover, students who are concerned about their appearance or experience appearance-related bullying are less likely to attend school and participate in class discussion.

The current project, therefore, aims to develop, implement and evaluate a cross curricular training package that will raise awareness about body image and appearance concerns in young people. The package will provide guidance consellors with strategies to foster learning environments which promote acceptance of diversity in appearance, the inclusion of migrant students, and healthy body image. As these issues are relevant to a range of school subjects (e.g., physical education, social studies, personal development, art and drama), the current project will equip school staff with strategies and resources to cultivate a school-wide coordinated approach.


This project is supported by the European Commissioneu-flag