A new Grundtvig learning partnership project for 2013-2015 has been approved.

Web site:

This project is supported by the European Commission.


Project number: 2013-1-NO1-GRU06-06252

The project title is:

“NEGATIVE” – The influence of negative body image and psychological problems on completion rate in education for adolescents

Partners are from Iceland, Finland, Denmark, Turkey and Norway

RSBDF is the coordinator and the author of the project and will be responsible for the overall content and reflection sessions

AIMS of the project :

1. To connect the world leading researchers in the field of negative body

image/psychological problems of adolescents directly with the European adult

education institutions who deal with the students on a day to day basis to enhance

their competence and share good practise.

2. To enhance school leader’s competence of how to deal with these adults and how to

plan for integrating these successfully into ordinary classes and avoid drop out

3. To develop a common strategy on how to enhance completion rates in our regions,

by being more capable of understanding adults with psychological problems and

negative body image and how to meet them and facilitate their education.

Approaches to achieve objectives;

1. By researcher lectures on the topic for school leaders, staff and selected students with described problems

2. By conducting meta-reflection sessions in smaller groups so as to enhance competence and spread good practise

3. By group work sessions where potential strategies and solutions are discussed across countries

4. By education institution visits to see how partners deal with the topic

5. By inviting local experts and resource persons on the topic during the partner meetings