Heal – Help to understand the Educational impact of Appearance dissatisfaction in relation to Learning


As main outputs, the HEAL project will  provide:

Job shadowing- Follow other education staff in their daily job in order to share good practise and learn from each other.

Reflection sessions and workshops- Each mobility will have a strong element of reflection and working together during the mobilities, and it will be a daily event where all staff involved will reflect together with their hosts on today’s learning and future development for better student learning. All partners will be responsible for this.

Teaching assignments- Teachers from each country will teach a foreign class in English in different subjects sender/receiver agree upon beforehand. Language classes, History classes, VET related classes are examples.

Course participation-Some of the partners will be arranging in service training courses where education staff and management will participate. University of West of England and Dr Martin Persson will be the main course provider for all partners.

On the job training- Some of the mobilities will be a combination of education related stuff and on the job training for staff inside an enterprise relevant to their future tasks.


The project is supported by the European commission and framework of ERASMUS+erasmus+logo_mic