Lighthouse national multiplier event

The Lighthouse final multiplier event was conducted on the 31. may 2017 in Stavanger.

42 participants from different sectors, primarily vocational training, regional muslim council, sports clubs, county council and NGO’s. The programme was a mix of walkthrough of the materials and a café dialogue to see how the materials could be used widely. Meaning in principle when they bring this back into their own organisations, we have a recipient amount of approximately 2300 persons just by the multiplier effect of the participants of the conference.

Some highlights of comments received;

  • An extremely comprehensive pack for guidance counsellors
  • A good selection of helpful materials in our work with migrants
  • Very professional materials, but some are enormous in volume..
  • All were relevant except for mobility of migrants- not many here deal with that
  • Some very useful templates in there also..
  • Impressed by the amount of work put into this project
  • The local adaptation can be done by each user themselves, no need to change anything
  • Most users will be able to pull out whatever necessary to use it in their daily work. No changes
  • Not many would read all of this, but can utilize whatever they think useful themselves
  • Interesting perspective, we have not thought of the same approach before
  • Very professional presentations in this conference
  • It was nothing new for me, but still interesting to hear about the project and materials developed

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