Mirror multiplier conference in Randers

The project is ending this month, and partners & multipliers were gathered to review the project and look into sustainability issues.

The conference was held on 29th of October 2015 at Tradium in Randers, Denmark and had 30 participants from 12 countries. Project’s final event was organized to share project’s results and attract key experts and researchers from countries not involved in the MIRROR project.

The conference started with the overview of the project given by Ms. Olga Fagerland, the representative of Møllehagen, the project coordinator. Following the Managing Director at Tradium, Mr. Tage Andersen, held an introductory speech about the importance of the issues the project addresses for their school and today’s society in general. The key words from his speech are “We want our student to be happy”.


See also : http://www.mirrorproject.eu/news?id1=1616

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