New version of America the Beautiful: The Sexualization of Our Youth

Daryll Roberts has released a new version of his movie America the Beautiful: The Sexualization of Our Youth. Daryll will be presenting the movie at the Appearance Matters conference in Kristianstad early December 2014. RSBDF will be there to plan social activism projects in connection with the movie together with Dr. Martin Persson from University of the West of England.

In the first movie from 2007 Daryll chronicled the sudden rise and fall of Garren Taylor, at the time, a 12 year old professional model in New York and even appeared on Oprah’s old TV show. However she suffered a near mental breakdown and had to deal with major self-esteem issues, when her career came to a sudden halt at the age of 14. Roberts caught all of this with his camera.

However, the film also expands into dealing with America’s morbid fascination with youth and beauty, and how the beauty industry makes billions manipulating women (and men as well) into feeling insecure about themselves.

In his 2011 sequel, America the Beautiful 2:The Thin Commandments he continued exploring America’s’ lethal obsession with diets and beauty.

This time however, in film nr. 3, he turns his sights on America’s ugly sexualization of young girls by the media and society. America the Beautiful III portrays how women grow up believing they only have two choices: to be desirable or invisible.


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