IHEM training seminar in Nis, serbia

The IHEM team met last week of September in Nis, Serbia to finalize the training program for healthcare professionals that will be held later in each partner country for doctors and nurses.

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IHEM web page released

The web page of the IHEM project is now functional. Please look up ihem.no for more information.


Blacksmithing Course in Hiiumaa, Estonia

5 RSBDF teachers were participating in the TELLE blacksmithing workshop in Hiumaa Island in Estonia  in May 2016. There were also lots of interesting inputs in other types of arts & crafts that could be usable for the classes back home.

Telle – English language week in Magdeburg, Germany

25 Teachers from 5 countries met in early June 2016 in Magdeburg and Hedersleben for a training course for teachers within the framework of the TELLE project. A wide variety of activities set to enhance the professional competence were undertaken, as well as a diverse social program to foster team spirit.Image-1 Image-2 Image-3 Image

Face Value project successfully concludes course development

The Face Value project had the final meeting in Plovdiv, Bulgaria in July 2016, and the training course materials are now ready for use, after having tested and adjusted it according to local needs. Plovdiv is Europe’s oldest city and will be the European Capital of culture in 2019.

The materials are available in English, Serbian, Bulgarian, Latvian, Turkish on the project website;



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RSBDF teachers conduct arts classes in Iceland

Two of RSBDF teachers have just come home from a 5 day teaching visit to Keflavik, Iceland where they taught Icelandic students in arts. The main focus was on silver jewellery classes, where they learned how to make their own bracelets, pendants and other items. This was a part of the TELLE project teaching visit. The event was held at the premises of the Viking museum in Keflavik. Thanks to Herluf Aartun and Asta Kjeilena35 a36 a37

Face Value training materials available for free!

The Face Value project has now released the training modules in several languages. A pedagogical report with tips on how to link the teaching in line with the EQF system is also ready. These materials can be found on the project website.




Lighthouse project visits refugee housings in Athens

In April 2016 the Lighthouse team with Victoria Hansen from RSBDF met in Athens to go through the web platform and system for supporting career paths for migrants. In connection with this the team visited housings for refugees in Athens area. They were placed in many very different places, especially older hotels. The standard was surprisingly good as far as we could judge, so Greece did a good job with these.


IHEM transnational meeting in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

In medio april the IHEM project team (Innovative Health Educational Module for staff in health care and NGO settings) met for the third time in Plovdiv, Bulgaria in order to harmonize the training modules for healthcare staff which has been developed the recent months.

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MEAL project to be presented at GOWELL 2016

The MEAL project team has just received confirmation that the MEAL project has been accepted for presentation at the GOWELL 2016- EAI International Conference on Games for WELL – being in BUDAPEST, Hungary 14-16 th June 2016.

The EAI Games fOr WELL-Being conference builds upon the increasing relevance of applied gaming approaches, gamification techniques and game-related technologies and devices for health and wellbeing management and recovering. Traditional approaches, albeit efficient, often falls short in engaging the individual and in fostering her interest in actually following a treatment or prevention. The adoption of gaming-related techniques in situations where health and well-being are involved can push individuals to engage willingly in activities to improve their lifestyle as well as in participating to prevention programs or treatments.



MEAL promotion film out

The MEAL project has launched a promo video that will be used in further exploitation of the MEAL products after the project has ended. The team had the final conference and dissemination meeting in Valencia at the end of January 2016. www.mealproject.eu

or watch it on YOUTUBE

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MEAL project PICKIT game at the ISRII 8th Scientific Meeting 2016, Seattle

The paper entitled “Validation of a serious game designed to teach Nutrition Education to children:

Pick it!” will be presented at the ISRII 8th Scientific Meeting 7. – 9. April, 2016 in Seattle, USA;

“Technologies for a digital world: Improving health across the lifespan”

Link to the congress;



Face Value- article published in Journal of astethic nursing

Optimising appearance-related psychosocial care in European settings

Appearance-related concerns are prevalent among patients and are associated with a range of negative physical and psychosocial outcomes, yet many health professionals across Europe report that they are often ill-equipped to provide adequate support. Researchers from the Centre for Appearance Research examine the impact of two projects aiming to identify training needs to optimise psychosocial care for patients

Gaskin E, Persson M, Williamson H.

Article can be found here;


MIRROR project teaching materials available for free download

For interested teachers and trainers all developed materials are available for free download here :


Available in English, German, Norwegian, Danish, Portuguese

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TELLE kickoff

The TELLE kickoff was a huge success. 17 teachers from Estonia, Finland, Germany, Iceland and 10 teachers from Norway met to get to know each other and conduct workshops.

Here some pictures from the first ice breaker where the staff were making pizzas in pairs together


IHEM kickoff gathering

A new Erasmus+ project is starting its activities in December 2015.


Improving the long-term outcomes in children with congenital anomalies by implementing an Innovative Health Educational Module for staff in health care and NGO settings.

Erasmus + project number : 2015-1-SE01-KA202-012291

The aim is to conduct research on current situation in partner countries and make pedagocical training material for short term staff training courses for health professionals working with congenital anomalies.

The IHEM consortium had the first gathering in Malmø, at Lund University, Cleft Centre, hosted and coached by professor Henry Svensson (http://www.lu.se/lucat/user/plas-hsv).ingrepp

TELLE project blog online

The Telle- teacher exchange program has published the official blog of the project, where all materials, lesson plans and outputs will be available.


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Lighthouse model online!

The Lighthouse model web site is now online at


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COST ACTION IS 1210 Training school in Malta

The training school took place in  Msida, Malta between  9 November – 11 November 2015, and RSBDF was present with lecturer focusing on vocational education


The training school addressed the following topics via lectures, reflective exercises and group work during the 3 days.

  • The psychology of Appearance
  • Who are the marginalised and socially disadvantaged groups in Europe?
  • The impact of belonging to a disadvantaged group on childhood, adolescence & adulthood
  • The social and cultural impact in relation to marginalised and socially disadvantaged groups
  • How do we reach these groups in our different fields of specialities – education, vocational training, public health, medical settings
  • How do we assess appearance dissatisfaction in marginalised and socially disadvantaged groups?
  • Research methods and methodological challenges
  • Data collection methods & response formats
  • Case studies based upon clinical and observational experiences

TELLE teacher training in Stavanger

The TELLE project holds its first teacher training in Stavanger between 25-29 november 2015. The topics covered is Video editing, photo editing, social media, Viking jewellery, chocolate praline making, laser engraver production for youth enterprise, beer brewing, sausage making, language learning, TANDEM learning etc.

17 teachers from Finland, Germany, Estonia and Iceland will visit Stavanger.telle logoEU flag-Erasmus+_vect_POS