Lighthouse project- FILM

The Lighthouse didactic film about the project can now be found on Youtube:

Have a look here;

TELLE project final teacher’s course in Kerava, Finland

A total of 45 teachers participated in the final teaching event in Finland, hosted by the coordinator of the TELLE project Kerava Education Center. Activities undertaken were;

•†Scottish dances, International Communications, Flip the Classroom, Recording techniques, TPR method, Storytelling, Biophilia, Island of Dreams – word art, Sculpture of Landscape – community art, Ocean of Letters – graphics art

Telle project- teacher’s course in Keflavik, Iceland

The Telle project conducted the teacher training course at MSS, Keflavik between 3-7 may 2017. 4 teachers from RSBDF and 30 in total participated in the event. The activities carried out were;

•†Scottish dances

•†International Communications

•†Flip the Classroom

•†Recording techniques

•†TPR method



•†Island of Dreams–word art

•†Sculpture of Landscape – community art

•†Ocean of Letters – graphics art

IHEM final project meeting in Riga

Dr. Martin Persson led the final project meeting of the IHEM project in Riga on midsummer’s eve, 23rd of June. The meeting was about finalizing the training materials, reporting and quality checks. Martin Persson is now terminating his position at the University of the West of England and will be starting new opportunities at Kristianstad University, partly being responsible for international projects there. The IHEM project has created truly innovative materials that will help professionals give even better care for the patients they are responsible for.

Lighthouse final multiplier event, Madrid- Spain

The Lighthouse project held its final multiplier event after 3 years of hard work on developing a counselling model for immigrants. The event was held at the European Parliament in Madrid and was attended by Mr Pablo Gonzales the head of Erasmus+ in Spain, Pablo Tavira director of social services in Madrid, the sub director of integration in Madrid- Javier Jimenez, vice consul of Bolivia and several other prominent guests. All in all 87 participants attended the event. Elena from RSBDF presented the toolbox and opportunities for adaptations for professionals.

Lighthouse national multiplier event

The Lighthouse final multiplier event was conducted on the 31. may 2017 in Stavanger.

42 participants from different sectors, primarily vocational training, regional muslim council, sports clubs, county council and NGO’s. The programme was a mix of walkthrough of the materials and a café dialogue to see how the materials could be used widely. Meaning in principle when they bring this back into their own organisations, we have a recipient amount of approximately 2300 persons just by the multiplier effect of the participants of the conference.

Some highlights of comments received;

  • An extremely comprehensive pack for guidance counsellors
  • A good selection of helpful materials in our work with migrants
  • Very professional materials, but some are enormous in volume..
  • All were relevant except for mobility of migrants- not many here deal with that
  • Some very useful templates in there also..
  • Impressed by the amount of work put into this project
  • The local adaptation can be done by each user themselves, no need to change anything
  • Most users will be able to pull out whatever necessary to use it in their daily work. No changes
  • Not many would read all of this, but can utilize whatever they think useful themselves
  • Interesting perspective, we have not thought of the same approach before
  • Very professional presentations in this conference
  • It was nothing new for me, but still interesting to hear about the project and materials developed

Lighthouse newsletter 5

The latest Lighthouse project newsletter is now out. The newsletter can be downloaded from;


Podcasts about Beauty and appearance

Follow the excellent podcasts by Centre of Appearance research here;

RSBDF projects promoted in Ljubljana conference

RSBDF had an opportunity to promote the results from their appearance related projects during the COST action IS1210 final conference in Ljubljana with over 100 delegates present from all over Europe (and even USA & Australia). We talked about the importance of bringing together researchers and practitioners in order to understand how to reach the target groups with research and interventions.

We promoted the IHEM project, Appearance matters project, Face value project and the mirror project and urged anyone to download the available training materials we have developed.

IHEM coordination meeting

The IHEM project team gathered in Kristianstad, Sweden in early April 2017 to finalize project management issues and exploitation plans. The partners had conducted courses for nurses/healthcare professionals and interviewed parents of children with cleft, lip and palate to get feedback on cooperation issues.


RSBDF was attending the BETT show 2017, a fantastic display off all things ICT related to education.

Bett or The Bett Show (formerly known as the British Educational Training and Technology Show) is an annual trade show in the United Kingdom that showcases the use of information technology in education. Founded in 1985, with a move to the ExCeL London in London’s Docklands in 2013, its current venue. Bett celebrated its 30th anniversary at the 2014 show, which attracted 35,044 visitors from 113 countries.

We particularly found the google classroom lectures, Microsoft sessions and some of the software presented very useful.

COST ACTION IS1210 final conference

The last event of COST IS1210 will take place in Ljubljana, Slovenia, from 20-22nd April, 2017.
Venue: Medical Faculty, Ljubljana, Slovenia

20th April – MC meeting and Task Group Meetings

21st April – Final Summit Day 1

22nd April – Final Summit Day 2

Five excellent keynote speakers have accepted an invitation to speak at the Summit. Each Task Force Group will report on their activities during the Action, their outputs and  plans for the future.


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IHEM project presented in Turkey

The 3rd International Congress of the Turkish Cleft Lip and Palate Society was held in Turkey, in the town of Konya, from December 1- December 4, 2016. Julija Radojicic was invited to give lecture on the subject of the Implementation of European projects related to the care of persons with lip and palate clefts in Serbia. Aside from the completed project Face value, a special emphasis was placed on the IHEM project. The lecture received strong positive reaction from the attendants at the congress, and the biggest interest was to learn about the outcome of the project. Besides that, the attendants expressed a desire to implement similar projects across Turkey.

IHEM training seminar in Nis, serbia

The IHEM team met last week of September in Nis, Serbia to finalize the training program for healthcare professionals that will be held later in each partner country for doctors and nurses.

nicola poster

IHEM web page released

The web page of the IHEM project is now functional. Please look up for more information.


Blacksmithing Course in Hiiumaa, Estonia

5 RSBDF teachers were participating in the TELLE blacksmithing workshop in Hiumaa Island in Estonia  in May 2016. There were also lots of interesting inputs in other types of arts & crafts that could be usable for the classes back home.

Telle – English language week in Magdeburg, Germany

25 Teachers from 5 countries met in early June 2016 in Magdeburg and Hedersleben for a training course for teachers within the framework of the TELLE project. A wide variety of activities set to enhance the professional competence were undertaken, as well as a diverse social program to foster team spirit.Image-1 Image-2 Image-3 Image

Face Value project successfully concludes course development

The Face Value project had the final meeting in Plovdiv, Bulgaria in July 2016, and the training course materials are now ready for use, after having tested and adjusted it according to local needs. Plovdiv is Europe’s oldest city and will be the European Capital of culture in 2019.

The materials are available in English, Serbian, Bulgarian, Latvian, Turkish on the project website;


IMG_4255 IMG_42621

RSBDF teachers conduct arts classes in Iceland

Two of RSBDF teachers have just come home from a 5 day teaching visit to Keflavik, Iceland where they taught Icelandic students in arts. The main focus was on silver jewellery classes, where they learned how to make their own bracelets, pendants and other items. This was a part of the TELLE project teaching visit. The event was held at the premises of the Viking museum in Keflavik. Thanks to Herluf Aartun and Asta Kjeilena35 a36 a37

Face Value training materials available for free!

The Face Value project has now released the training modules in several languages. A pedagogical report with tips on how to link the teaching in line with the EQF system is also ready. These materials can be found on the project website.